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We buy and review meal kits.

We pay
for our meal kits.

We fully
test and review them.

We earn commissions
if consumers buy.

We help consumers to find the meal kit that fits their budget and lifestyle.  Although we earn a commission when we successfully match a consumer with their preferred meal kit, we always give our honest opinions.  (And we always disclose compensation or free products.)

We spend our own money.

To review the meal kits, we simply buy them the same way you would.  We receive the shipments exactly as you would.  We experience the entire process buying meal kits exactly as you would.  We document this process and share it all with you in our meal kit reviews.  

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meet our editors

We are a bunch of friends and families, each with a unique situation, unique needs and unique perspectives. 

We review meal kits that are appropriate to our individual needs.

All of our editors, reviewers and contributors have unique situations and different needs to consider when ordering meal kits.  Like you, we each have our our preferences when it comes to what we eat, from where we source our food, and  how our food is prepared.  Among our group of meal kit reviewers, we have contributors from various age categories, family needs, dietary needs, health concerns, budget needs and delivery needs.  Some of us have kids of varying ages, while others have grown kids or no kids to take into consideration when preparing meals from meal kits. Our variety of reviewers have a common goal:  to make your meal kit hunt quick and successful.

We hope you enjoy our meal kit reviews.


When reviewing meal kits, our editors want to know what they're signing up for. Just like you would. We want to know about the choices the company provides and how they fit our unique dietary needs.

Although we all should be looking to cut calories, some of us are looking for the full flavor recipes and meals and desserts. Of course, since some follow specialty diets or have medical concerns, of our reviewers will choose meal kits that appeal to their needs.


We want to make it easy to know which meal kits are "heat and serve" vs the meal kits that supply all the raw, pre-measured ingredients and the instructions for the recipe. We need to know how long dinner will take before we can eat, and how much effort and skill is required. Our reviewers take all of this into consideration.

Will the meal kit come fully cooked, partially cooked, or will it have assembled ingredients to chop and cook at home -- and how much time will it take? 


We have retirees on fixed income among our roster of reviewers. The cost of each meal or each delivery is important to watch.

Our reviewers want to know exactly how much will meal kits cost per meal, per week, or per month. We database all of these products so you can find the best meal kit for your budget. We also want to know when buying a meal kit makes more sense than buying groceries directly, and vice versa.


While many of our meal kit users are singles or young couples, others have to consider the needs and preferences of our spouses and / or kids. Our group of reviewers cross this spectrum, as well.

And if you have picky eaters in your family (like some of our reviewers do), their reviews may resonate will with you. Sometimes we may want to consider kids' meal kits that are different than the meal kits for us adults.


Our Group of Meal Kit Reviewers

That's why we've assembled our growing team of editors.  Each of our editors have their own unique situation and needs and thus, have a different perspective on meal kits.  This gives us a well-rounded analysis and can consider all types of needs when we review meal kits for our audience.


founding Editor

Todd is a single dad of two grown-ish kids (an adult son and teenage daughter living at home), and enjoys cooking.  When ordering meal kits for his family, he has unique scheduling and menu needs that need to be met.  For instance, his custody schedule specifies the weekdays and weekends with his children, so deliveries must come on the correct days.  As for menu needs, his daughter is trying to be more vegetarian if possible and they all want to be more healthy.  Recently, he started using an Instant Pot and wants to find meal kits to cook using it.  


Founding Editor

Nick is married, with 2 young kids at home and loves cooking and trying new recipes.  (Although I hear his wife thinks his cooking could use some help.) He's already tried subscribing to a couple of meal kit products in the past, so he's coming into this with some insight.  His young kids are pretty easily satisfied with the meals they make at home already, and his wife refuses to eat anything with mushrooms.  (It's a fact.). So when he's ordering meal kits for his family, he has plenty of people to consider.


Founding Editor

Yvonne is currently following a strict low carb, high protein, low calorie (no fun) Keto Diet, while her two young boys are not on any particular diet.  They do, however, avoid certain foods which must be taken into consideration.  One of her older boys is a type one diabetic, so she has a lot of experience with meal preps and specific dietary needs.


Founding Editor

Lisa is the genuine foodie and home chef among us.  She makes everything from scratch, and everything she makes is freakin' delicious, as Todd says.


Contributing editor

Bubba is our local Yelp celebrity, having earned some serious clout in the Yelp restaurant reviews community.  Not only are his food photography skills outstanding, his written critiques and recommendations are well-thought out and very well-written. 


Contributing reviewer

Carla is Bubba's chef.  (A.k.a. “his wife who loves to cook and is really really great at it”.). Carla doesn't follow recipes.  Never has.  Until now.  She'll undoubtedly be the one cooking the recipes that she and Bubba will be reviewing together.


Unknowing editor

Evan eats the food.


Unwilling participant

Kendal is learning to cook, and in particular she's learning to cook with the InstantPot.   She contributes cooking videos and recipes.

We match consumers with their best meal kit.

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