How I saved money by meal prepping: A 22-year-old man’s story

How I saved money by meal prepping: A 22-year-old man's story

I have just begun my meal prepping journey, and my bank account is thanking me.

Let me explain…

I was able to select ingredients that were on sale. By choosing in season, fresh, readily available items priced low, as well as items on sale, I was able to have delicious meals that were optimally priced. Instead of just choosing a meal and then randomly selecting the ingredients, I was able to choose meals that used ingredients that were on sale, thereby saving a lot of money. (If you can use coupons, then you can save even more money!)

I was able to stick to my list. Typically I would impulse purchase when I would go to the store, especially when I was hungry, thereby making very bad decisions and ultimately adding more to my shopping cart – and increasing the cost of that grocery shopping trip. But when I stick to a list, the impulse purchases are gone.

Side note: When I'm able to stick to my list, not only do I save money by not impulse purchasing overpriced items, but I also stick to my diet by not purchasing those very tempting offers at the checkout counter.

I was able to avoid expensive, fast food runs, or restaurant takeout. Because I have easily available, delicious meals and snacks within reach, at any moment, I'm able to easily avoid the temptation of convenient, overpriced take-out food or fast food options at a drive-thru.

I was able to buy in bulk, to save money long-term. I am an avid user of Costco, and they have delicious ingredients and very large portions for buying in bulk and saving to use over time. By meal prepping, I'm able to identify those exact ingredients that I would want to purchase in bulk and go to Costco, purchase those items, and keep them available for my weekly and monthly meal prep process.

I was able to stick to my budget. In general, by having a prepared list of prepared ingredients with prepared meals at discounted or coupon pricing, or by buying in bulk. I'm able to have a budget and easily stick to it. Without meal prepping. It is very easy to indulge in extra expenses, or impulse purchase overpriced or unnecessary items. But with meal prepping as a core to your process, you're able to stick to a budget like me.

I hope this helps give some context as to how I was able to save money by meal prepping, and how you can too! Good luck on your own journey.


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