Smarter Home Cooking Holiday Wish List – Todd’s Picks

Todd knows good food and is always working to refine his knowledge and skills. He loves to experiment and soaks up new information like a sponge. Cooking is always the perfect excuse for him to open a bottle of good wine and spend time in the kitchen with hanging out family and friends.

Here's what's on Todd's wish List:

  • A good knife set
  • Electric smoker
  • Sous vide
  • Green Egg grill

So, we went to work.

We found links for the exact products he likes, at the best deals online. So basically, if he doesn't get these items on the list, we all know how his family feels about him. Or, they don't read his blog. Even though he's told them like a hundred freaking times about the food blog. But do they ever listen to him? No. No they don't.

Oh yeah. Here are the links to each of his favorite items this holiday season!

These are the best deals we can find on his favorite knife sets:

Here are his top electric smoker picks, and their best deal:

Sous Vide has a lot of various products. Although he'd love them all, here are his selected top Sous Vide wish list items:

The Big Green Egg is a premium grill brand, and is normally available at a local retailer. However, you can find some good deals online on similar quality ceramic grills. Here is his favorite:

Smarter Home Cooking Holiday Wish List - Todd's Picks


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Chief Cooking Officer

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